In our last blog, we spoke to you about the beautiful world of sex lubricants for women- what they are and how to use one!

In this blog, we’re going to tell you in detail about why and when you should use a sex lubricant.

At Intimate Bay, we say that everyone should use a lube! For starters, lubricants make sex more comfortable and give you the confidence to explore creative things in the bedroom. In short, sex lubricants for women make things fun!

What sex lubricants should you buy?

Here are a few reasons to use sex lubricants :-

End the dry spell:-

We've all been in this situation at least once. Both of you're ready for the joy ride, but "down there" hasn't got the memo yet.

While there are various reasons for vaginal dryness, remember it's completely normal, and there's nothing to worry. You may be stressed, feeling anxious, maybe it's your monthly cycle- whatever it is, female arousal products can help. Sex lubricants help you ease into things if you're planning to try something new or are less sexually experienced.

Here’s a lube you might want to check out:

Water-based lubricants

Foreplay and Fun :-

Well, lube isn't just a main course; it can make the starters fun too! Think sensual massages and great ways to get things off to a good start. Warm the erotic massage oil in your hands and slowly work it over your partner’s body.

Lube+ Sex Toy= Pleasure :-

Sex lubricants are highly versatile and fit every situation- with your loved one, lots of people, or even with fancy vibrators and sex toys for women.

Want to know what’s our pick? Lubing your sex toy! Trust us when we say it’s going to add a different fluid dimension to you “me time,” taking you to the edge quickly and more sensationally!

Pro-tip: Use water-based sex lubricants for silicone-based sex toys and vibrators.

Keep Going, Going and Going :-

Why settle for a sprint when you can run the marathon? Lubes help you enjoy the long, passionate sessions where you can let go stress, switch between positions, experiment new things, and relish every minute.

For safer sex:-

It’s a smart idea to use sex lubricants with condoms; they reduce friction, which prevents condom breakage.

Ladies and Lads, lubes are for all:-

Lubes aren’t just for the ladies but make sex great for the lads too. So for added spice and all things nice, you could try flavored lubes like Skore Cherry Lubricant and get things going!

And now without beating around the bush, let's get straight to the fun stuff: Ways in which you totally should be using sex lubricants!

Water-based lubricants

For Handjobs and fingering!

What's better than rubbing dry palms on your partner's boy? A generous amount of lube! Slap a little on your hand, and you'll be a bona fide handjob expert! Sex lubricants make the movement feel heavenly!

Similarly, when it comes to fingering, there's nothing worse than a finger exploring underneath your dress when you're not wet! Sex lubricants for women get rid of the friction and deliver maximum sensation.

For a sensual massage!

Use a few dollops of erotic massage oils on your loved ones or your nipples and other parts for sensations that are hotter than ever, literally!

Here’s our pick:

Water-based lubricants

Ante up his orgasm!

Want to change the whole game and send him over the edge? Dab a few drops of this magic potion on him and see the magic!

For a perfect Masturdate!

Are you planning on having some "me" time? Clitoral stimulation gels are perfect for getting that desired smoother finish when touching yourself.

Are you thinking of using a sex toy? Imagine this: your favorite female vibrator hitting all the rights spots but with a more fluid sensation. It's going to one hell of a solo trip! Just a little caution: Silicone lubes, and vibrators and sex toys for women are not a great combination!

During intercourse, of course!

That goes without saying! Sex lubricants reduce friction and make intercourse smoother, and better than ever!

Our pick: Toy Joy For Fun! It comes in sleek, non-intimidating packaging and ensures a sensational and long-lasting glide.

Water-based lubricants

Inside the glove!

Yes! Using a little lube ups the sensitivity your man will feel inside the latex. Add a few drops inside the later before you unroll it and unlock the ultimate world of sensation!

If thinking of the rear!

To make the back entry slidey and glidey, load a lot of anal lubricants. Your booty doesn't create its own lubricant like your vagina; thus, too much precaution isn't too much really!

To Blow his mind away!

Absolutely! A flavored lube makes it wet enough so that your jaw won't get too tired. Plus, it adds a little sweet taste to your treat!

So here, you have it! All the reasons why and when you should be using sex lubricants. If you think your idea isn't on the list, you can always let us know in the comments.

As for use, at Intimate Bay we think everyone deserves to live their fantasies. That is why we make sure we’ve got something for everyone! From female orgasm gels and creams to sex lubricants for women, erotic massage oil and lubes to tingle and tantalize your man, we've got everything!

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