It’s International Dance Day today and a perfect occasion to get grooving! But with a sensual twist!

Turn your bedroom into your bae's private striptease dance bar and give him a lap dance he'll remember forever!

Yes! Sensual lap dance to set the stage tonight! You may be thinking that you're not a dancing pro and can't move your body like Jenna Dewan Tatum in Step Up, but you can surely rock your man's world with a sultry lap dance and eventually get into the Lap Dance sex position.

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Wondering what song to twirl to? Beats that make you want to move, lyrics that speak and seduce your mind or music that brings out the sexy diva in you- we have a playlist that'll help you attract your partner.

1) Naughty Girl by Beyoncé

Feelin like a naughty girl?

This super sultry song sets a slow, seductive pace to your night with a sensuous beat that makes you want to move your body.

So what’re you waiting for? Let your man know that he’s got you feeling n-a-s-t-y!

Naughty Girl by Beyoncé

What to wear: Put your sexiest foot forward with a pair of pleasure delight heels! They perfectly accentuate your body and pair them up with sexy babydoll lingerie. There are a plethora of options for sexy lingerie for women.

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Moves to flaunt: What's more seductive than your hips, and this move is easy to ace! Sensually sway your hips from side to side and move them as if you're making the figure 8; spice it up by touching yourself.

A hint of extra pleasure: You can up the ante by adding in bondage & fetish products that you and your partner may want to try!

So go on and be his naughty girl tonight!

2) Sway by Pussycat Dolls

When you move to this song, we don't know about the marimba rhythms playing, but your partner will surely dance with you, sway you, hold you close and sway you more!

Sway by Pussycat Dolls

What to wear: A chemise lingerie could be the perfect outfit here! Or sexy bodystockings like the Eissely sensual bodystocking. The trick is to wear lingerie that makes you feel incredibly sexy! Wondering where you can buy sexy lingerie for women? Visit

Moves to flaunt: How about a sexy lean? Stand between your partner's legs, lean your upper body forward, arch your back and your butt up in the air! Rest your hands on the arms of the chair for support. This way, he gets a hot view of your body! Slowly tease him by inching yourself closer to his face, but don't let him touch you! That's going to make crazy, sure as hell!

A hint of extra pleasure: Bondage accessories! Use a pair of handcuffs and handcuff him to the chair to add that extra spice to your performance. Here’s where you can buy handcuffs and other sex toys online:

3) I’m A Slave For You By Britney Spears

What better than the ultimate striptease and lap dance song by the queen of pop- Britney Spears.

When the need to have your man gets you to your knees, crank up a little Britney and let him know that you really wanna dance with him tonight and do what he wants you to!

I’m A Slave For You By Britney Spears

What to wear: Well, Britney Spears has indeed set fashion goals for many, and so wouldn't it be helpful to draw a page or two from her when it comes to dressing for her number?

Look for it, and you'll find a plethora of Spears-inspired sexy lingerie online. Maybe you could wear sexy babydoll lingerie or a sunspice schoolgirl outfit, or you could explore bondage lingerie for women!

Moves to flaunt: The alligator push-up all the way! Imagine a super-sexy way to crawl on all fours to reach your partner! Move your right arm and the opposite leg forward as you do a sexed-up push-up and then repeat the same with your left arm and opposite leg. And while you do this, don't move your eyes away from your partner!

A hint of extra pleasure: For everything that follows your sexy performance, look up for some BDSM products online. Think bondage and fetish products, men’s bondage underwear, bondage accessories, whatever shouts out, "I'm a slave for you!"

4) Dance For you By Beyonce

Well if this saucy number doesn’t get his attention with you bent over him in sexy lingerie, we don’t know what will!

So go ahead and let him know that loving him is all that's on your mind, and you wanna make that body rock!

Dance For you By Beyonce

What to wear: Does your partner have a specific fantasy, a roleplay? Get creative with roleplay lingerie and dance like a nurse, student or anything that makes the cut to the list of sexy lingerie online.

Moves to Flaunt: You could be the cowgirl here! Turn around and hover too close to his body! You could put hands on his thighs for the balance! You could switch over as if you were riding him in reverse cowgirl. And to turn on the heat, even more, look back at him as you move against his body.

A hint of extra pleasure: Bring in whipped cream! And use your tongue to slowly and sensually lick the cream off him!

5) Buttons by Pussycat Dolls

Here's what tops the list when it comes to double action. Straightforward lyrics, perfect for a little strip!

So loosen up those buttons baby and spring it on him!

Buttons by Pussycat Dolls

What to wear: Layered clothing is the hint here! Want guaranteed progress from lap dance to sex? Then make your performance ultra-sexy by adding a striptease into your lap dance. Whatever you decide to wear, pair it up with some sexy chemise lingerie.

Move To Flaunt: Once you start to strip, move your hands slowly all over your body, so he can imagine having his hands all over you. This will surely drive him crazy for more! And a bonus move here- the hair flick if you have long hair!

A hint of extra pleasure: While the striptease, itself, is enough to make things hotter, you could get in sex toys once you progress further from the lap dance. Wondering where you can find sex toys for couples and sexy lingerie online? Visit

Whether you pick one of the recommended songs or go with something totally different, today is perfect to put on that sexy lingerie (or nothing), flaunt those sensual moves, and drive him crazy!

Did we leave your favorite song off our list? Tell us in the comments!